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To bring firearms for the purpose of hunting into Canada, non-residents must fill out a form including information about the firearms being transported. The form can be filled out in triplicate in advance but the signature must only be done in the presence of the Canadian Customs Officer. The form to import up to three firearms is RCMP 5589/CAFC 909. The extension to this form if you are declaring more that three firearms is RCMP 5590/CAFC 910. There is a fee of approximately $25.00 CDN for this service to be paid at the border crossing.Below is a  link to the website where these forms can be ordered.
 Non Resident Firearm Declaration Form
•RCMP 5589/CAFC 909
•RCMP 5590/CAFC 910


Canada Border Crossing Services (DUI)


Importation of Wild Meat to the US


Gander Airport Newfoundland, CAN


Air Cananda


Marine Atlantic Ferry
A​ny client choosing to travel by The North Sydney,NS,  Ferry to Port aux Basques,  NL, will have to make Reservations well in advance of your trip . If youare to check into the lodge on Sunday afternoon, it is recommended thatyou choose the 11:00 crossing on the Saturday evening, and book a cabinso you will be well rested when the Ferry docks.Once you land on the NLside, you will travel approximately 5 hours to reach GrandFalls/Windsorwhere  someone will meet you from the 2G Outfitters.


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